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FINDING PURPOSE—A story of resilience.

Imagine being away from the office one morning and learning from the news that the building your firm is headquartered in has been literally attacked. The story is well-known—9/11 and the destruction of the World Trade Center. This firm lost one-third of its people, two-thirds of its leadership and all of its physical resources. The Sandler O’Neill story has been well covered over the years. Triad’s relationship began on September 12, 2001 when it began helping Sandler manage the ensuing chaos. We consulted to the firm, cared for all psychological services and helped Sandler discover its strength, re-establishing it as a top investment bank. After a couple of years we wanted to know what made Sandler so successful in the face of such enormous loss. We stopped consulting and began a relationship that continues to this day. In partnership with a major university, we studied Sandler and other investment firms that suffered that day. Our model of resilience comes from this research, a model that identifies what it takes to build an enduring, resilient enterprise.

Executive Advisory

ADVISING THE ADVISOR—Staying in role, no matter how pulled.

A senior administrator has been in her role at this world-leading university for more than a decade. She sits at the intersection of students, faculty, administration, trustees and the community at large. As this university has expanded its global reach, her constituency has become a global community representing numerous cultures, religions and nationalities. Along with these increasing complexities are the mounting daily issues that impact one’s ability to remain focused in role—the clash of left and right politics, the conflicting views of religions, the many tensions of this worldly student body, the maintenance of an exceptional education, and the conflicts at the boundaries of all the communities this university touches. Our many years of advisory has enabled her to remain centered as she navigates these overwhelming forces, allowing her to continue helping the thousands who move through this system each year.

Executive Advisory

HIGHER PERFORMERS—Making the best better…

This private equity firm is considered among the world’s best. How then does the best get better? Triad helped this firm identify the attributes of exceptional performance and develop a 360° feedback system to assess junior associates to managing directors. Included, was feedback from the CEOs and boards of its portfolio, establishing a new benchmark for understanding what makes a successful investor. We designed the process, collected the feedback, wrote the reports, identified the key development plans, delivered the feedback and provided advice. This purely developmental effort (evaluation, pay or promotion were not directly impacted) helped establish a model of investor behavior that differentiates the firm from others and offered fair and balanced developmental feedback for improvement, making the best better.

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FROM 10 TO 400—Pivoting through to ensure success.

Building a successful enterprise in a market that never before existed is hard enough. Substantially changing your product and your approach a number of times over the years to ensure continued success seems impossible—yet doable! This company has changed its course a number of times over ten plus years as it developed more sophisticated approaches to and redefined its market. Today it dominates its field and is on the verge of substantial growth, innovating while holding to a set of core values. The company has repeatedly gained National recognition as an amazing place to work. Triad has been working with its CEO and executive team since it was a small start-up, advising leadership and developing the organization. We have helped the company live its values, remain purpose-driven and move further towards new structures that allow teams to self-regulate, align and manage accountability through the work.

Organizational Development

DESIGNING DESIGN—Renovate or rebuild?

This international design firm needed to better demonstrate its expertise to its customers and prospects and strengthen its approach to market. The firm had just finished a decade of massive expansion worldwide, achieving pockets of innovation and award winning design. Yet, the parts were not functioning as a whole, with considerable gaps between departments, offices and performance. Working with the CEO, executive leadership and Board, Triad helped affirm a unified purpose to rally the firm's resources and a new organizational design attuned to both listening to the customer and promoting the firm's substantial brilliance. Over three years, Triad trained leaders on managing change, helped ensure coherent communications regarding the changes to employees, and worked with the firm's CEO and operating leadership to measure, support and promote success. The firm's recognition in the market and success have dramatically improved.


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