Reboot Fall CEO Bootcamp

Reboot Your Leadership. Reboot Your Life. 

Oct 5-9, 2016

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Join Team Reboot, meditation instructor and author Sharon Salzberg, and 15 other amazing leaders for a weekend retreat in the Colorado mountains to reboot and refresh what it means to be a CEO.

“It fundamentally changed the trajectory of myself and my business.” Kyle Wild, CEO of

You may be thinking: Are you kidding me? Spend four days away from my company, away from my family, away from my inbox to look deeply into my own heart and figure out who I am as a leader? I don’t have time for this; I have work to do.

Right. Keep telling yourself that. Keep telling yourself you’re too busy working to figure out why you’re so “busy,” who you need to be as a leader, and what you’d like your company to be. Perhaps, when you wake in the middle of the night to respond to that “urgent” Slack notification, you can figure out where the company is headed.

One of the traditions at Reboot boot camps is to cut through our own bullshit. Early on, we create the safety for people to stop the nonsense; to look squarely at the truth of who they are and what the company is—we call this our This Being So, So What? moment—and then, finally, explore what it is we’re up to so that the choices we make are conscious.

It is a rare experience to pause. It’s rarer still to pause with bravery and make the unconscious currents that define our choices conscious.

But the gift of doing so is the unleashing of a great capacity—at Reboot we call this your superpower. Accessing your superpower both unlocks the creative genius within your company and frees you to find resiliency.

In the end, the goal of our bootcamps is to show you that you already have the capability to withstand the storms of your lives. You simply need to access it and in doing so, the leader within emerges, with grace and fierce resolve.

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