Effectively steering through the complex dynamics operating within organizations can be daunting, especially the myriad internal and external forces, the interrelationships between and among people, culture and process, and the needed focus on strategy and execution. We advise our clients to better understand themselves and these forces so they can effectively navigate and achieve success.

The challenge of developing a strong culture with great people is significant. Our approach to resilience builds:

A strong sense of purpose (including mission and vision) that is shared and owned by all.

Emotionally and socially intelligent leaders who are able to bring calm in the face of adversity.

Aligned resources (roles and responsibilities, teams and stakeholders), delegated authority, agile systems, transparent communications, etc.

A psychological sense of community where people feel connected, excited and motivated.

Resilience comes from a culture that values and promotes self-awareness, accountability, transparency, empowerment and other high performing traits. Developing best-in-class people, leadership and organizations requires self-awareness and a deep understanding of what's brewing below the surface.

Our ongoing client support leads to sustainable excellence.


Organizational resilience is an organization's ability to cope with stress, setbacks and crises while flourishing.

Triad helps organizations become and remain resilient, developing a strongly held shared purpose, cohesive leadership and supportive structures, all contributing to a stronger workplace community. Resilient organizations thrive in the face of crises and are capable of using potentially catastrophic events or issues as catalysts for renewal.

Triad's approach, based on award winning research, helps clients foster resiliency to build and sustain a robust yet flexible organization with employees who are able to proactively be resourceful in the face of disruption and pressure, regardless of its source.


Emotional and social intelligence—the capacity for recognizing and managing one's feelings in response to others—is a key part of our development philosophy and a proven factor in exceptional performance.

We help people become emotionally and socially intelligent leaders, developing their capacity to be:

  • Secure, self-aware and able to self-manage
  • Comfortable interpersonally and in groups
  • Deeply aware of organizational dynamics
  • Able to manage stress and anxiety for themselves and others
  • Comfortable with managing change

Success as a leader requires continuous growth and learning and an interest in integrating new ways of working and behaving. Research shows that while technical skills and cognitive intelligence are important "threshold" capabilities, emotional and social intelligence determines superior performance. Triad incorporates today's leading tools for developing emotional/social intelligence, ensuring that our clients continually develop as leaders, managers, members of teams and as individuals. We advise executives through this journey, integrating a deeper understanding of the self with the demands of their organizations—learning that dramatically improves one's ability to work and manage in a quickly changing global environment. 

Additionally, we work to increase mastery in a host of complementary skills, including:

  • Managing organizational and individual resistance to change
  • Motivating, delegating to and empowering employees
  • Developing exceptional teams
  • Communicating effectively and persuasively while having difficult conversations
  • Managing conflict and negotiating successful outcomes
  • Time and stress management

Let us help you excel.


Organizations are "of the people" and people need attention, care and feeding. Our work aligns purpose, people and process, and embeds positive values to form a strong sense of community—a key to resiliency.

Organizations operate in an increasingly complex and turbulent world. We help our clients navigate the often daunting terrain of complexity and change by:

  • Clarifying purpose—mission, vision and values
  • Cultivating emotionally and socially intelligent leadership
  • Developing accountable and productive individuals and teams
  • Implementing cohesive systems for managing performance
  • Designing and aligning effective and agile operating processes/systems
  • Managing change and the natural resistance to it
  • Regulating stress and anxiety to promote a vibrant motivating work environment
  • Establishing a strong psychological sense of community

Our research shows that successful change leads to a more sustainable enterprise. Triad enables clients to face, manage and embrace change to develop organizational resilience.